Stress Management

Stress Dynamind and mBIT  

If you want to change – you need to change yourself. 

Life is made up of many experiences and life includes many forms of stress and there is good stress and bad stress (distress).   Not many of us aspire or are able to eliminate all stress, maybe sit on top of a mountain months on end, oblivious to all statuesque meditating the universe, or be locked in solitary confinement in the dark shut off; or wrapped in cotton wool in a drawer, no stress; Hmm!  That becomes very distressful or we need to check if we are still alive!  Yes distress happens usually when we are unable to handle those life situations well; it starts to accumulate when we hold on or are unable to work through a problem positively.

The experts agree that stress is a big part of causing us to become sick, both in mind and body.  I suggest you could look up or even ask your doctor the extent that stress plays in manifesting disease; some say up to 99.5%!

Now it is beyond most of us to individually do much to change the outside world; we can however control how we respond that’s our part; the stress part.  You see Life is in many ways an experience of how we handle what we experience.  Eliminate all stress and we stop learning, our world starts to shrink we become more anxious.

Our stress builds up when we fail to positively learn in our heads and when we bypass, ignore or suppress messages that our heart or gut brains are giving.  We build up in our subconscious mind some people call it “our baggage”.  The sub conscious and that includes our heart and gut brains is also where we build and store our Models of the World (MOW], our life experience.  This model is our reference to work out our life responses.  We develop these models to a large extent early in our childhood and we continue to develop them.  That’s how we learn.  We use our (MOW) as reference and to control our lives.

But what happens if parts of the (MOW) are incorrect, not serving us; what happens when we stop using our heads or suppress inner intelligence from the heart and gut and rely on head only conscious thinking?  That’s right we start to collect unresolved distress; we store anxiety, pain, anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt.  We are unable to release that stress and develop negative behaviors and disease.  We are not balanced and ignore our inner sources of compassion of courage and our potential for wisdom in our decisions is compromised.

As part of your session as lead ins to changing our (MOW) l like to also pass on some gifts l have learnt over the past few years.  If you are open to do so l teach and you learn and experience some ways of actually reducing stress.  You experience for yourself a very powerful stress relief and healing technique called Dynamind.  And you will be able to experience that technique combined with my latest training as a coach for a world cutting edge science mBraining Imagine the applications where you will work to better use –your multiple (3) brains; that’s right (3) – Your Head, Heart and Gut to better connect, better work together for wisdom and health with your conscious mind and your body.

When you positively change that part of your (MOW) you release old stress patterns and your behavior changes positively we operate with wisdom!

Conversely, negatively change that part of your (MOW), you hang onto more stress and your behavior changes negatively; you operate compromised from a state of distress.  There are no prizes for guessing where those influences come from:- perhaps you can start with big business, greed, short sightedness and those usually associated with power and where you release your control to be enslaved.

The positive techniques we use work best when you allow your conscious mind to tune out and your sub-conscious minds to tune in.  It is carried out relaxed or sometimes even in light hypnotic state.  Allow about 60 minutes within your session for us to go through more than a quick visit.  You feel empowered a shift as the black bags are released.  Often the additional effect of releasing stress is your mind releases pain, because the emotional cause is gone and you are now free to start living your true self.

Now ask yourself; What is your future worth and what sort of future do you want?  You have a choice to influence that future.   How many years of positive life could you expect to regain if you now took positive control.  Because by taking action now; you have choice; to turn the situation around toward health, happiness and more life.  Yes you have a choice.  l hope you are now more determined than ever to regain control of your life.  Think about the positive impacts, better health, happiness, and vitality for positive enjoyment of life.

Taking action is easy.  Taking no action is also easy.  The results however are so vastly different.

Notice the quality of life; notice how those not in control; those in what we call effect mode, the depressed people, those that are chronically sick those with addicted to bad unhealthy habits and behaviors tend to have their heads down?

Now let me make this clear; l am not saying, we can or will heal tendency to depression, diabetes, heart disease, weight issues or any other, in one session or any number of sessions, gone!  But what if; your mind became more aligned and balanced, you became more empowered and you did; you felt so much better, energized, happier.  Would it not be great to live that?  Imagine going to your doctor, something has positively changed and its noticeable, the doctor also notices, asks what has changed.  You answer and how would your life change now?

So now l trust you can appreciate why go on about doing something positive about stress and why all the extra techniques and the extra time we spend.  Yes my time, your time, is valuable so lets make the most of it may be the best investment of your life and yes still the same $ as quoted.

That’s right, your life is priceless you have all to gain and only the things you don’t want to relieve yourself of.

Yes we are about something important something positively life changing.

So please read all the information; think about the positives you want to achieve, smile, fill in the forms and complete your ordeal.

Yes – it’s Your Life!

Call me to let me help and guide you to help yourself.