Weight Release

Your Life Clinic offers two different weight control modalities, each with a different focus.

Weight Release Mastery

With Libby Stone


…Reach Your Ideal Weight

With Stefan Galamaga

Libby and Stefan both bring NLP and Hypnotherapy to the programmes they offer; both programmes require commitment and action on the part of the client, the cost is similar – and there are differences.

Weight Release Mastery
  • is based on an in-depth and detailed interview
  • is different for every client
  • is over a period of 8 weeks
  • focuses on the impact of emotions and how they can effect eating habits; and they can stop us from releasing weight
  • is a programme for health and life
…Reach Your Ideal Weight
  • takes one session
  • is different for every client
  • is a 7-step programme
  • gives you a step-by-step monitored plan for 30 days
  • offers follow-up support
  • gives a guarantee. If you are failing to reach your goal targets there is a free follow-up session to help you back on track.
  • is a programme for health and life

It’s YOUR choice

 Weight Release Mastery


butterflyRelease Your Inner Self with Weight Release Mastery

it’s a complete personalized programme for you!

Yes, food is a factor; so is exercise and there may be changes you need to make in these areas.

However, a major factor in maintaining weight is state of mind. Emotions, stress and personal history can all play a significant role in both behaviours and unconscious maintenance of excess weight.

Libby understands the emotional reasons behind weight issues through personal experience and can help you release emotional blockages, release weight and release your inner self to become your best self.

This is a unique program that combines counselling, NLP and hypnosis, together with personal and individual coaching, to help you gain control of your life and your weight.

The programme runs over 8 weeks with 5 sessions and clients are given support material to help them.

However, the most important part of the process is that clients need to recognize that they are in control of their lives through all the decisions they make (both large and small) everyday
Take the first step on the road to the real you today.

Call Libby on 0418591929 or email us to make an appointment


Reach Your Ideal Weight


…Reach Your 

Ideal Weight


  • Weight control is about more than calories and exercise.
  • It’s about changing what you’re doing – because if you don’t, nothing will change. We’ve built habits that get us to where we are, so we need new habits to get us to where we want to be.
  • What you really want is a comprehensive tailored for you program – with a locked in effective and sustainable way of thinking.

This Revolutionary Program Makes It Easy

This is a 7-step system tailored to your exact needs and circumstances, incorporating breakthrough technologies with the “Ideal Weight-O-Stat” and the “Fat Furnace-Flame”. It is unlike any other program on the market.

The system offers success with just one visit: at which you will discover your ideal weight and how to burn off the fat. Unlike any other system in the marketplace.
and it works. GUARANTEED.

At the end of 30 days, your first goal, you will be well on the way, see how your clothes have become loose; step on the scales – see your results!

The system is completely safe, and is based on hypnosis and NLP – you are aware and in control at all times.

There are no fads, diets or crazy regimes and any normal person will find it easy to follow the program. Make today the start of your new body.

Contact Stefan today.