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Meditation CD

meditation cd

Written and recorded by Libby Stone; background music by Sandro Donati and recorded at Wild Dog Studios, Melbourne, Australia: Rainbow Meditation is a powerful ten-minute relaxation and healing meditation for busy people.

Why Meditate?
Scientific studies over decades have shown that there are considerable physiological and psychological benefits for people who meditate.

And medical practitioners acknowledge the impact of stress on every aspect of health. When asked what percentage of diseases are caused by stress, Dr. James Leavesley stated (ABC radio 1992) that he believed it was 99.9%.

If it’s so good, why don’t people meditate?
For many people the lack of time is a big issue, or the positive habit hasn’t been established. There may be difficulty finding a quiet space for the length of time usually required. It may be on a “to do one day” list. Or people may not know how to meditate.

Why is the Rainbow Meditation so good?
It only takes 10 minutes for a really deep, relaxing, rejuvenating meditation.
It doesn’t need a special place. You can sit in your office chair or lounge-room with the door shut and the phones switched off.

“I like the beautiful, calming resonance and most importantly, that I, and others feel so much more grounded, calmer and aware that listening to the tape has also had a healing affect on my body.
Dr. Lee Roberts, PhD, D.Sc, N.D.

“I found other meditations were irritating. The Rainbow Meditation helped me relax and deal with the pain and bodily disorders associated with my (cancer) treatment.” Jenny

“It helped me relax and helped me perform better.”

The Meditation has also helped groups bond together and be in a more receptive state for learning; others have found the meditation helped them relax and sleep more deeply at night.

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Letty's Friend

A book for the child in all of us.  It has been enjoyed by toddlers when read to them; and seniors who wishes they’d read it when they were younger.  The book is easily read by an eight year old.

“When you’re feeling sad and alone, or scared, you can always ask the wise part of yourself – me – what you need to do.  And I think, sometimes, you could be more kind to yourself, too:  just like a proper friend.  Do you know what I mean?”

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