Change yourself; change the World.

The following top 10 fundamentals have been attributed to Gandhi but whether he wrote them or not, the fundamentals remain the same.  We do not have the power to change anything but ourselves, but in doing so, we will change the world around us.

Gandhi's top ten

When is it time to ask for help?

The best time to ask for help is the moment you realize that the challenge you’re dealing with feels overwhelming.

Often people find physical illness causes them to pause and consider their life and to wonder where and how to make changes.

It’s fair to say that, in general, women will ask for help sooner than men.

But it’s good to know that asking for help is a wise and powerful thing to do.

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Maximise Weight Loss and Fat Burning with High-Intensity Interval Training

by Rob Fischer

How can a shorter workout yield more impressive results? By making it more intense!

(HIIT) can burn more fat and provide a better workout in less time than a conventionalaerobic training. Let’s say that you’re running, biking, or walking briskly five days per week. By just replacing two of those workouts per week with HIIT, you’ll experience some amazing results!

The concept behind HIIT is that you engage in an exercise or series of exercises alternating between short burstintervals at maximum output with longer intervals of moderate exercise. Those short bursts are anaerobic, while the longer recovery intervals are aerobic.

Just a 10 minute HIT routine will out-do 30 minutes of traditional aerobic exercise in a fat-burning contest. Andhigh-intensity interval training can boost your aerobic capacity three to four times faster than conventional endurance training.[1]Benefits-of-HIIT-300x199

Why HIT works

Exercise in general is one of the keys to optimizing health of the mind and body. Physical activity helps burn fat, regulates the production of insulin, helps maintain proper blood glucose levels, boosts the immune system, promotes brain health, improves balance and coordination, increases bone strength, and a host of other benefits.

The key to why HIT works is that it deprives your muscles of oxygen for short periods of time (anaerobic). Doing so triggers metabolic changes in your body that continue to operate up to an hour after stopping the exercise. So your body continues to burn fat well past the end of your workout.[2] In fact, your body develops greater efficiency inburning fat under other conditions as well.[3][4][5]

 Benefits of HIT

  1. Achieve greater results in less time. In about one-fourth the time you’d spend in a traditional aerobic workout, you can achieve greater results in terms of both fat-burning and cardiovascular endurance.
  2. Burn more fat. Due to its high intensity and anaerobic properties, HIIT not only burns more calories during your workout, but following it as well.
  3. Increase aerobic fitness and muscle strength. High-intensity interval training has been shown to build muscle and maximize aerobic fitness more effectively and efficiently than conventional routines.
  4. Retain muscle while losing fat. A traditional aerobic workout regimen not only burns fat, but often results in muscle loss along with it. The anaerobic nature of the HIIT workout helps you keep and build your muscle.
  5. Stimulate the production of human growth hormone (HGH). Human growth hormone gives us vibrant health and strength and is important in the production of estrogen and testosterone. Once again, it’s the anaerobic element of HIIT that fuels the production of HGH. You’ll find that HIIT workouts will boost your energy and increase your sexual drive.

Techniques to help change behaviour fast

Research says that babies in-utero absorb their environment, learning about the world around them and as newborns, they rapidly accumulate knowledge and begin developing their Model Of the World (MOW).  The Model develops quickly; without questioning truth or validity. By the time we reach 6-7 years, essentially our character, and our Model is fundamentally in place.

From there on, our MOW can still develop and change but it is still essentially unquestioned.  It’s only when our frontal lobes (the parts of the brain that assesses events and adjusts behaviours) develop that we now evaluate or filter information and decide whether to allow or disallow incorporation into our unique MOW.  Simply put, we are no longer as impressionable. Logically the older, more experienced and wiser we get, the more our information filters grow stronger.  But by then our MOW has, more than likely, grown stronger by filtering billions of bits of information and selecting those that support the MOW and we are reluctant to change it.

But what if the information stored in our MOW no longer serves us, or is faulty in some way? Similar to a computer; where there are programming errors there are problems.  For us, this manifests as stress, self-defeating behaviors and ultimately disease.”

According to Your Life Clinic founder Stefan Galamaga, “unresolved emotional issues manifest in many behaviours, habits and often ultimately diseases and even death.  Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy techniques are proven, powerful tools to help change unwanted behaviours emotions and habits – fast.”

Co – founder Libby Stone says “clients that consciously wish to change behavior can be helped very quickly with a variety of advanced NLP and Hypnotherapy techniques that enable us to by- pass our MOW filters and communicate directly with our sub-conscious mind. It’s a little bit like a software update, to clean up bugs and errors in our Model.  Once the Conscious and Sub-conscious mind work together we can become focused and powerful in our lives; will power has a helper.

Hypnosis is very relaxing and effective in helping change lives; add NLP and you have a powerful and unique set of tools to embark on the life you want.